Get creative! Make your own crossword puzzles, word searches, and more.

Puzzle Publisher is a unique piece of puzzle making software that helps you create the following word puzzles:

Crossword Puzzle Maker

  • Crossword Puzzles

    Puzzle Publisher allows you to make your own crossword puzzles in a few steps. Using your own custom word lists, the crossword puzzle maker will create a crossword that you can move, resize and print. You can also freely place the clues around the crossword in any manner. View demo

  • Word Search Puzzles

  • Puzzle Publisher can make a word search and fit it to any shape you can draw. Make a clover shaped word search on St. Patrick's Day; make a heart-shaped crossword on Valentines Day; or even a Christmas tree shaped crossword around Christmas time. You can change the font and color of the word search

In addition, Puzzle Publisher can also make these puzzles:

  • Quotation Puzzles
  • Magic Squares
  • Framework (Criss-Cross) Puzzles
Using a page layout interface, Puzzle Publisher makes creating puzzles easy. Combine text, images, and puzzles in a document and simply drag and drop them wherever you want. Add colors and stylize fonts, and then print to share your puzzle with others.

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Requires Windows XP or Vista. Puzzle Publisher was developed by n! Labs. To get support for Puzzle Publisher, contact


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